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As a craft micro-cultivator, we nurture and grow all our plants in a careful and highly controlled growing environment to produce exceptional plants that deliver a great user experience.


Growing Marijuana In Canada

How we Work

We are craft growers with a passion for great cannabis. Under the direction of Master Grower Dylan Bailey, VLC grows craft cannabis in two licensed micro-cultivation facilities in Regina, Saskatchewan. Each licensed VLC facility contains multiple grow rooms and a storage and drying room. Each grow room has its own micro-climate and operates independently to optimize growing conditions.

At VLC, we use the latest in growing technology but also believe that in order to grow great cannabis, a hands on approach is important. Cannabis plants love attention and nurturing to reach their fullest potential and that’s what we do here. For us it is all about Respecting the Craft and that starts with great growers who are devoted to delivering a great cannabis experience.

Explore the Process
Dylan’s Process - Vigr Life Cannabis

Dylan’s Process:

Master Grower Dylan Bailey carefully directs the action with each crop but encourages our team to make each grow a collaborative effort. Research and development is ongoing in the facility, we are always testing with light intensity and spectrum, nutrient formulations, and growing conditions in our grow rooms. From transplant to harvest, Dylan and his team take a hands-on approach to growing our craft cannabis.

Craft Quality - Vigr Life Cannabis

Craft Quality:

As a craft cannabis grower, we use highly optimized growing techniques that are difficult to replicate at scale. Consumers expect a higher quality from craft cannabis products, as smaller operations enable optimal growing conditions, which in turn results in a superior product. While large growers generally focus on maximizing yield, craft producers working in smaller facilities focus on quality within their defined grow space. As a craft cannabis producer, we are able to control every parameter that can influence the growth of our plants, ensuring a consistent quality and exceptional cannabis.

Purchase - Vigr Life Cannabis

How to Purchase VLC Cannabis:

VLC cannabis flower and pre-rolls will be available for purchase soon! Please stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter for exciting updates. If you would like to see our products in your favourite local cannabis store, please ask the store managers to carry our products.

Ask Away

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