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Vigr Life Cannabis Inc. was founded in 2019 and is a licensed micro-cultivator of cannabis located in Regina, Saskatchewan. We received our two micro-cultivation licenses on October 2, 2020. In 2021 VLC built processing rooms in both the south and north facilities and added two new climate-controlled vaults in the south and north facilities. Both facilities are also licensed to sell direct to retail from both facilties.

Our plants are grown in multiple micro-climate controlled grow rooms. Each grow room is independently equipped with optimal lighting, air flow, humidity and sanitation to create best possible indoor conditions for growing premium craft cannabis.

Our unique grow rooms provide customized irrigation, fertigation, light, temperature, air movement, and CO2, allowing us to fine tune the conditions depending on the cultivar.

VLC’s facility meets all Health Canada requirements and is completely secure, with access-controlled doors and security cameras.

VLC’s craft process is designed to utilize the latest in technology in combination with an old-school legacy approach to grow cannabis that has great bag appeal, terpene content, cannabinoids, and THC.

We grow what we love…Respect the Craft.

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Meet our Master Grower Dylan Bailey

Quote: “Even though my title is Master Grower, no one ever completely masters growing. The best growers are always learning and adapting to new research and ideas. We learn together, we grow together. That’s what Respect the Craft is all about.” – Dylan Bailey


My friends were experimenting with it in high school.
It appealed more than alcohol and I liked the way it made me feel.

I’ve been growing legally under Canada’s ACMPR regulations 5 years.

Using beneficial microbes in the growing medium and how it affects root system as well as plant yield and trichome development.

Personally, I really enjoy Super LemonHaze and more recently Lilac Diesel.

Don’t overcomplicate the process. The only constant is change and the only change is constant. Read and react is an important skill to have too.

Keep learning and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Kevin Anderson of Broken Coast because he is a humble industry pioneer who’s methods have yielded awesome results. He’s a personable individual who continues to inspire in a number of ways.

LSD strain because it handles nutrient feeds really well and seems to like plant training. I’ve noticed great bud structure and nice trichome development. It’s a smooth creamy smoke that slowly energizes you.

It’s a great team of fun motivated people who strive daily to grow the best cannabis possible. Everyone here truly does respect the craft. The energy of the building, plants and people makes everyday fun and interesting.

It’s my personal belief that no one ever really “master’s” growing because there is always so much to learn. In the cannabis space there are so many excellent growers who are always learning and discovering new things about cannabis growing.

Each grow pod - Vigr Life Cannabis

Vigr Life Cannabis

VLC is a licensed micro-cultivator of premium craft cannabis built on the principles of the legacy market and sold under the VLC brand.

Each grow pod - Vigr Life Cannabis

Our Craft Cannabis

Our approach to craft begins with respect. We respect those that came before us, forging the path to the legal industry, and allowing us to grow what we love.

Each grow pod - Vigr Life Cannabis

Grow Room Customization

Each room is equipped with technology for irrigation, fertigation, light, temperature, air movement and CO2 that allow for cultivar-specific environmental conditions.

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