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growing marijuana in canada

VLC Timeline

Thank you for supporting VLC! Founded in 2019, VLC continues to make progress towards our goal of growing quality craft...

StratCann VLC Article – July 18, 2022

Check out our interview with one of Canada's top cannabis industry reporters, David Brown of StratCann. About StratCann: StratCann is...

Lilac Diesel Update!

Lilac Diesel is the second cultivar from VLC, bred by Ethos Genetics and nursed by Mother Labs. Lilac Diesel lineage...

VLC Dylan Bailey

Q & A with VLC Master Grower Dylan Bailey

For VLC's Master Grower Dylan Bailey, growing cannabis is more than a job, it's a passion and a way of...

VLC Black Cherry Punch

VLC – Regina’s First Cannabis Grower Enters Retail Market

REGINA, SK – April 19, 2021. VIGR Life Cannabis Inc. (“VLC”) - a Micro Cannabis Cultivator based in Regina Saskatchewan...

Team Of Vigr Life Cannabis

Regina’s first micro-cannabis grower prepares to get planting

VIGR Life Cannabis Inc. plans to grow craft cannabis for distribution across Canada By the end of this month, VIGR...

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    growing marijuana in canada