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Gamers Thoughts: Pokémon Rom Hacks NekoJonez’s Gaming Blog

So basically if you create an ips patch you are creating a file that stores every single change that you made to the game. If you apply an ips patch you are turning a clean copy of the game into the hacked version you made before. In essence, Pokemon ROM hacks are created by dedicated fans and modified as Advance ROM files for the Game Boy console. A ROM hack can be different from the original game in many ways, such as music, plot, design, skills, and maps. Fixed some minor glithes, added some small things like the final battle with Team Rocket boss.

Glazed also has its own rich story, featuring a scarfed Pikachu seeking revenge. This will feel like a full game, and obviously had a lot of care and effort put into its development. Unfortunately, we never saw a Gen 2 Pokémon game on the GBA. Pokémon Glazed happens across three regions, specifically, Tunod, Johto, and Rankor. Johto Journeys has been a favorite series in the anime and has some of the most well-loved Pokémon.

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Pokémon have natures, TMs are reusable, and you’ll gain experience from catching ‘mons. While hacks with all-new regions are super fun, I love it when creators show their respect for their original material and try to perfect it rather than change it. The reason no one hacks Sapphire and Leafgreen is because there’s no point. Firered is exactly the same as Leafgreen functionality-wise. When Game Freak compiled both games, they basically scrambled where things are located between the two, and then redid LG’s titlescreen and encounter tables.

pokémon scarlet and violet

  • This Pokemon ROM hack is among the better ones available because of how frequently it is updated.
  • After picking from 21 starters, you’ll enter the Reborn region.
  • Clearly, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved in ROM hack maintenance, and the devs behind both Gaia and Prism are a testament to that.

The Mega evolution has been added with that the trading evolution has been removed from time to time. However, it lets you explore brand new regions called Naljo and Rijon. You’ll have an expanded, new Hoenn region to explore.

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There’s a new file format that some rom hackers are now adapting, it is a .bps file. Check this guide to learn How To Patch A BPS ROM Hack File. Now we have an indexed tile map, but we need a tile set.

Check the ReadMe file that’s included to see what’s public. I think that the difference in volume in between the first city and the houses is too much. But the way it is done in this game really gave me a rip earphones user moment the second I stepped out of the house. Check the changelog on the first post for more details on the 1.6.1 update. The only bug I’ve run into is that the trade guy in Amberfield Town morphs into a scientist making a machoke joke, from a hiker receiving rapidash. I’m not too far into the story to really say much about it, but I like where it’s going from what I’ve seen so far.

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