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Gotta Go Fast in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Poorly designed in a great number of aspects, can be very janky, cyberspace levels suck and make forces’ levels look great, pretty buggy (I’ve had 3 crashes so far among other bugs). Just generally very unpolished and unfinished in a lot of ways, needed more time. Open zone is okay, I respect it a lot for trying something new but they don’t go far enough with it at all, combat in it is not fun. With all that being said I would be lying if I said I didn’t have some fun with this game, its an interesting foundation and one that I hope is built and improved upon. If Sonic Frontiers offers a rather simplistic open world in its conception, it is nevertheless a condensed action, fluidity and dynamism. It’s a real pleasure to explore the different islands while sprinting or using the springs and other springboards to go higher and higher.

@CallingSonicSpeed As to why I said sonic fan, I didn’t say they weren’t talented bc man this is one of the best sonic games ever made. I just called them sonic fans bc, well they are, and they have said so them self, and to go as far as for some of those devs to have made remasters. And to get a shot to make a game like this is just amazing, In short, all I was trying to say was this game wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for these people.

RSDK reverse stuff + Sonic Mania Animation Editor

As a fan of the 2D versions of Sonic, this was a whole new experience for me. The open-style world brought memories of other open-world style maps like ‘Legend of Zelda’; it was an odd experience at first. Sonics blue hair stood out from the island’s natural beauty; fortunately, the longer I played, the more the two worlds seemed perfect for each other. The game’s overall design is quite fun, and as Sonic is upgraded, the game’s pace ignites into some wildly fast scenarios. I started with the game in 4K mode, and the image was pretty; unfortunately, the game didn’t feel right, so I changed the settings to performance mode and increased the frames to 60FPS. The resolution might have been lower at the 60FPS mode, but the game felt ten times better, and you gained the feel of the speedster, and I could not see the difference in the visual quality with this adjustment.

  • Another series that many grew up with, this time with an animation and drawing style much closer to the epic video games.
  • By halving the diversity to consolidate resources and doubling down on polish, Sonic Team ensured SA2’s gameplay’s quality.
  • Their game has been one of the best received “Sonic” games in decades and while it isn’t exactly a “fan game,” it is a game made by fans—and one of the most successful ones at that.

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What’s new on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC and mobile in early December 2022

Playing on the PS5, the controls were tight and responsive, allowing me to properly take advantage of the momentum-based movement and quickly zip through levels. However, it’s beautifully presented, with plenty of twists and modern additions to spice up these old games and offer new ways to experience them. I spent most of my time playing in the Anniversary Mode, which gives you slightly enhanced visuals, full screen display and infinite lives, because it’s new for this collection and I have no patience for game-over screens any more.

Make sure to let me know what’s the next fangame you’d like me to pla… That authenticity comes from the fact that this is a remake of an existing Sonic game – even though the similarities between the original Triple Trouble and this remake are really rather superficial. Some original stage gimmicks and ideas are intact, as are the settings themselves and the broad story. But, really, the fan creators of this project, led by director & designer Noah N. Copeland, have twisted and manipulated recognizable pieces of the original game to fit a glorious new purpose. While Sega has been inconsistent at providing quality Sonic games, the fan community has created some truly amazing and creative projects.

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