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VLC - Grape Galena

Grape Galena

VLC Grape Galena

THC 0.52% | 5.2 mg/g

Total THC 18.3%, 183.0 mg/g

CBD 0% | 0 mg/g

Total CBD 0.0% | 0.0 mg/g

Terpenes: 2.72%

Caryophyllene 0.907 %
Farnesene 0.602 %
Limonene 0.592 %
Humulene 0.494 %
Beta-Myrcene 0.483 %

Family: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lineage:  Unknown x Unknown

Grape Galena is a hybrid cultivar bred by Cake & Caviar and is one of Master Grower Dylan Bailey’s favorite strains ever. Grape Galena is a tall cultivar with buds of equal size from top to bottom. When Grape Galena is in flower it smells like grape and blueberry, and that sweet fruity aroma remains long after the curing. The colors of the buds are dark to light purple, and green with burnt orange pistils. The effects of Grape Galena are described as serene, chilled, and euphoric. It’s not hard to guess why it’s a favorite of ours here at VLC.

Available In:

Pre-Rolls – 7 x 0.5 gram

Flower – 3.5 grams

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