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Lineage: (Lilac Diesel x Cherry Cheesecake)

VLC Miss Kim

Miss Kim

THC 0.43% | 4.3 mg/g

Total THC 22.9%, 229.2 mg/g

CBD 0% | 0 mg/g

Total CBD 0.06% | 0.66 mg/g

Terpenes: 4.49%

Dominant Terpenes

Terpinolene 1.427 %
Ocimene 0.973 %
Phellandrene 0.608 %
Caryophyllene 0.327 %
Beta-Myrcene 0.305 %

Family: Hybrid

Lineage: (Lilac Diesel x Cherry Cheesecake)

Miss Kim is a hybrid cultivar bred by Mother Labs that is high in the terpenes terpinolene and ocimene.
The aroma of Miss Kim is noticeably bright and floral with sweet and spicy undertones. The VLC team
reports that the effects of Miss Kim can be described as uplifting, calming, and good for a focused high.
Miss Kim will not leave you locked on the couch, rather it may inspire you to get some things done and in
a pleasant mood.

Available In:

Pre-Rolls – 7 x 0.5 gram

Flower – 3.5 grams

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