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VLC - Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

THC 0.88% | 8.8 mg/g

Total THC 21.36%, 213.6 mg/g

CBD 0% | 0 mg/g

Total CBD 0.06% | 0.66 mg/g

CBG 0.17% | 1.71 mg/g

Terpenes: 4.45%

Dominant Terpenes

Limonene 0.907 %
Terpinolene 0.602 %
Ocimene 0.592 %
Beta-Myrcene 0.493 %
Caryophyllene 0.483%

Family: Hybrid

Lineage: (Jet Fuel Gelato x White Flow)

Vanilla Ice is a high terpene cultivar bred by Compound Genetics that shows off bright green leaves and unmistakable vibrant orange pistils. Vanilla Ice’s aroma is a strong woody-citrus smell with a lingering petrol funk. Depending on who’s smoking it, this hybrid cultivar leaves you with a nice balanced high that won’t burn you out…right up the chain-smokers alley!

Available In:

Pre-Rolls – 7 x 0.5 gram

Flower – 3.5 grams

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