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VLC – Regina’s First Cannabis Grower Enters Retail Market

REGINA, SK – April 19, 2021. VIGR Life Cannabis Inc. (“VLC”) – a Micro Cannabis Cultivator based in Regina Saskatchewan will begin offering its first products to the Saskatchewan market in conjunction with 4-20, a global cannabis event held every April 20th. After receiving its Health Canada licences in October 2020, VLC began growing its first crops in Regina’s only micro-cultivation facilities shortly thereafter.

“We’ve had a lot of local people asking when our products will be available and we’re happy to be able to say that day is today. It’s definitely challenging to bring a premium craft product to market in Canada given the big players and stringent regulations, but VLC had a great first crop and we know people are going to love having access to high quality, locally grown products.” Said Co-Founder and C.O.O Jared Dumba.

Bringing cannabis products to market is not a simple process as there are many financial and operational hurdles that must be overcome. VLC began its operations in 2019 by building out its facility and following a year long process to achieve licensing. The company has developed its own unique growing process while establishing a number of partnerships in the industry with nurseries, packagers, testing facilities and retailers to be in a position to sell its initial products within the Canadian market.

“As a micro-cultivator we are able to spend more time with each and every plant on a daily basis which allows us to achieve a high-quality product that is very hard to replicate on a larger scale. The micro-cultivation approach to plant development and harvesting allows us to produce the premium craft products that customers demand. It’s not easy, but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we believe Saskatchewan people will continue to support the high-quality craft cannabis we’re working hard to deliver to the market.” Said Dylan Bailey, Master Grower.

Prior to licencing, VLC developed a state-of-the-art micro cultivation facility, which is the first cannabis growing operation located within the City of Regina. This new facility houses two adjacent micro cultivation systems, including twenty-four new grow rooms, and a proprietary craft growing approach developed by VLC. VLC expects this first facility to be the first step in a more significant growth plan, as it builds Saskatchewan’s leading craft cannabis company.

For more information contact: 

Media Contact: Jared Dumba, Chief Operations Officer

Mobile: 306-531-7266

Email: jared.dumba@vigrlife.com

About VIGR Life Cannabis Inc. (“VLC”)

With a stated goal to always “Respect the Craft”, VLC was founded by experienced local entrepreneurs who believe the recreational cannabis market needs more premium craft product.

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